In addition to a complete offer for laboratories, Labosystem developed a Services system that accompanies and assists the costumer in the post-selling phase during all the laboratory life cycle. Thanks to specific preventive maintenance programs, the Service guarantees the efficient state of the workstation and increases the life of the bought goods. This is particularly efficient in case of common protection tools like fume hoods and safety cabinets, where the laws concerning safety and health in the working environment give indications about the obligation and the importance of all that concerns the maintenance aspects by the employer.

Different factors can provoke a decay of the performances in a chemical hood: from the normal use of corrosive and extremely different products, to the changing of the environment or the destination of use, or the absence of maintenance.


The service program is able to test the energy efficiency of the hoods and to propose solutions in order to decrease energy consumption. Thanks to the anemometry comparations between aspiration and air changing, it is possible to recalibrate the aspiration following the latest regulations. Often the investments in the first planning is repaid in terms of economic and environmental comfort terms.

Initial redaction according to a second specific protocol, to check the efficiency of the hoods and the compliance to the actual laws, according to the EN 14175 in particular.

Registration of all construction details of the hoods with particular attention for the aspiration system and test of the manufacturer technical documentation.

Definition of the intended use of the hoods in order to calibrate the performances following the criteria of acceptance and propose a service contract according to the given data.

At the end of the maintenance cycle the detailed documentation is produced in detail in terms of operations, controls and relative results, with the possible indications of the corrective actions, already applied or that should be applied.


Operation of recovering and regeneration of the indoors areas and works room of the chemical fume hood, made with an over heated steam machine in a close circuit. (System+extraction working together) STEAM BOX VAC MINI 10 BAR