Eco-Friendly Workstations

In line with the provision of the Environmental Sustainability Policies, in particular the Minimum Environment Criteria (MEC), we are involved on the improvement of the environmental profile of processes and products, applying new technologies and using new tools that permit to find and enhance these improvements along the entire lifecycle of the laboratory.

Concepts that have been internalized in the choice of the materials and the adopted solutions in particular:

Ecological panels with FSC certification, obtained using 100% recycled post- consuming wood

Painting process using V.O.C free thermo-hardener powders

Extrusions made with 90% of pre-consumer recycled aluminum

Being energy efficient means implement various actions and strategies that allow to use less energy for the different stages of the process, with the same services offered: purchasing, manufacturing and finishing process, packaging choices, solutions that optimize  the logistics and  reduce  the impact of transport, the possibility of disposing of the product easily separating the different materials and  recycling the recovered  ones, effectively implementing a more sustainable production and consumption  model.

Labosystem obtained ISO14001 certification that attests the effort of minimalize the impact of its process on the natural resources, helping the preservation and the respect of the environment.