Labosystem was born in 1981 a few kilometers from Como Lake, in a region that has a long tradition in the textile and wood manufacturing sectors. Despite the overtaking of service industry on the industrial sector due to the italian economic and social context of that time, Labosystem managed to carve out an important space and consolidated its position thanks to the quality of the supplies and the efficiency of the services. .

The Company

Nowadays, the Company can count in Rovellasca (como) in a 10.000 m2 headquarter and plant equipped with modern production technologies.

Attention to detail product quality are crucial themes for Labosystem, expression of balance in continue development between functionality and design, symbol of made in Italy that distinguishes our production.

Our goal is always to create conditions of safety in environments that stimulate a new sense of thinking and creating. Comfortable environment where, thanks to the harmony between light, color and space, you can experience a new way of living the lab.