Conquer the space

Astrolab is a satellite furniture system that was born to satisfy the demands of flexibility and evolution of the modern laboratory, due the use of sophisticated instruments, the following introduction of operational technics and plant distribution.

Astrolab satellite system is made by a hanging compartment dedicated to the distribution of the hydraulics, electric, and informatics utilities. The utilities is distributed through the technologic panel “I –Panel”, it can be an electrical socket, gas/water dispenser or a dates/phone socket. The hanging space can lay on lateral uprights (making a bridge structure) realized completely with aluminum extruded, “technologic towers” that support the technical hanging space and contain utilities distribution canals. Alternately, the hanging space can be hung to  the ceiling , hooked at the lateral wall or integrated with Labosystem furniture.


Astrolab is built with high quality materials, aluminum is widely used through specially realized extrusions, the parts potentially exposed to corrosion risk are protected with anti-acids painting. The design effort was focused on a system that must be highly customizable, able to reinvent the spaces in the laboratory environment, responding to the rising of new demands and it is integrable with the other furniture systems.