More attention to your health!

Typhoon trimming is a common protection device studied for the Pathologic Anatomy, it  helps you to work better an most of all to work in safety, thanks to its studied features and performances.



PECULIARITY AND EQUIPMENT: typhoon trimming proposes custom planning for the different work styles

  • large space available (750 mm of depth and 1200-1500-1800-2400 mm of width)
  • glass walls for the best lateral and frontal view
  • adjustable internal illumination
  • inox aisi 304 steel surfaces, with antiglare finishing
  • ergonomic and adjustable seat
  • customizable worktop
  • cutter with a support feet (customization of the work top)
  • pedal progressive controller for the water mixer and extractable shower
  • pedal dumping tray with dispenser (with brake)
  • magnetic tools supporter
  • lateral shelves
  • utilities and electrical sockets on the lateral uprights
  • cable holes
  • single use paper dispenser

It is important to have the right tools for every  work method. The technological progress proposes always new solutions and the work station has to keep them easily

Typhoon trimming is made to accept a large range of tools to make the activities easier:

  • Large choice of washing sinks
  • Integrated eye shower
  • Millimeter Line
  • Trash compactor
  • Flexible cold light (led) with a ø 120 mm magnifying glass
  • Spot-light with adjustable brightness
  • Articulated arm for the system image acquisition system
  • Monitor
  • Reader
  • Professional dictaphone with flexible support, microphone, with pedal controller
  • RJ45 data sockets
  • Walls mounted cable holes
  • Germicidal uv light

The use of formalin in large quantities can compromise the healthiness of the work place and the safety of the workers.

It is important as prescribed by law, to reduce the environmental dispersion of Formalin. Typhoon allows to remove the harmful fumes thanks to the technical characteristics and the tools used.

  • automatic and manual flow regulation
  • effectiveness of down flow and cross flow combined extraction
  • canalization of the extracted air outside the building
  • ejection channel permanently in in negative pression
  • molecular filtration (chemisorption) and/or hepa filtration of the extracted air
  • formalin bin filling system with protected circuit dispenser
  • formalin dispenser pump with pedal control
  • exhausted formalin aspirated discharge
  • formalin dispenser aspirated tank with external level sensor
  • exhausted formalin disposal aspirated tank with external level sensor
  • silence of the system

It is important to keep the work station tidy and clean (in order to reduce the risk of contamination due the biologic material).

Typhoon Trimming is made to simplify the sanitation, through the assembly made without visible screws and its smooth shapes. It offers a series of tools (standard or in option) that make the cleaning operations a simple and quick process.

  • “scotch-brite” surface finishing
  • easy access to the dumping tray
  • mixing tap with extractable shower
  • continuous cleaning system of  the liquids disposal sink (optional)