Labostabilis is a anti –vibration work station   made for the use of analytical balances, weight comparators o other precision tools where is needed a total absence of vibrations.

The system is made for the hooking to the modules of WSPlug system, guaranteeing the best integration and ergonomic of the working environment.

The support plate is made of marble in “Carrara” color, its size are mm450×450×40 with a weight of 22kg and is placed in a specific support made with anti- vibration tampons put in a bed of spheroidal silica.

The Advantages

TOTAL ABSENCE OF VIBRATION transmitted to the support plate of the instrument

Large space for a comfortable sitting

Possibility of stand-alone installation or coupled with a WSPlug technical module

Assembly that guarantees the best stability and hardness thanks to relyable and resistant anchorages

Available on a double or single plate configuration, work height 780 mm-890mm