Labosystem has developed a work station dedicated only to the microscope observation, with the purpose of giving the best comfort to the user. The “Microscope Ergonomic Workstation”, for short as MEW, was born as an answer to the expressed demands and issues of involved operators: in its design, different figures that work in and nearby the laboratory field have been consulted.

The principles of the ergonomics are the base of the development of MEW: it is known that the operator who is working in situation of uneasiness, manifests demotivation, a minor performance and difficulty of concentration, that can increase the risk of mistakes and accidents. The use of MEW work station improves efficiency, quality and satisfaction of the activities. In this way the mental and body stress and tiredness can be reduced.


  • User centrality,
  • Microscope and monitor integration,
  • Continuosly adjustable worktop height,
  • Ergonomics and technical solutions,
  • Safety and stability,
  • Quality of materials

The electrical adjustable worktop, can be placed at a height between 65cm and 120cm from the floor and allows memorization of three different positions through a digital pushbutton placed under the top. The covering is made in clear color with anti glare finishing; the single or double monitor holder arm permits to have great flexibility letting the working surface completely free for any use. No detail is left to chance, wiring is made with great care, with the making of closed compartments, articulated channels, removable and rotating CPU housing in order to guarantee safety and high hygiene standard. The lighting is provided by a LED spot lamp with very low energy consumption, fixed on an articulated holder that can be placed in every point of the worktop. A chest of drawers on wheels with three drawers completes the equipment, along with a removanle shelf on metallic guides with soft return.

The two working areas, monitor and microscope, are distinctly equipped, but are don’t have a separation, allowing the operator to switch between activities easily. The use of microscope erconomic workstations allows to improve the personnel working conditions, to comply with safety laws, to diminish the risk of errors and accidents, to diinish the social cost of pathologies related to postural errors.

Labster and Hag seats complete the MEW workstation, whose technical descriptions can be found on the Ergonomic Seats section.